Finding time in your busy schedule for Pilates SF

After a long day at work, and a tiring commute home, the last thing you may feel like doing is working out. I know – I’ve been there! If you have a full time job, then finding the time to work out regularly isn’t easy. However, it’s often working individuals that experience the greatest benefit from Redcord and Pilates SF. With long hours spent at a computer, stressful deadlines to meet and an uncomfortable commute, you may notice that your career is taking a toll on your body and mind. Pilates is designed to strengthen your core muscles, while also relaxing and focusing your mind. By committing to a Pilates session once or a couple of times per week, you can benefit from greater fitness and energy levels, improved posture and increased work productivity.

I don’t have the time to work out!

If you live a busy lifestyle, then it’s important to have the opportunity to workout at a time that suits you. I offer flexible time slots including early mornings, late nights and weekends.

Location is everything! If you don’t have a lot of minutes to spare as it is, then commuting to a Pilates Studio may make it impossible for you to work out during the week. For this reason I am centrally located in Hayes Valley neighbourhood in San Francisco – this is easily accessible from Van Ness and Civic Center MUNI and BART stations and also nearby to Apple and Google employee shuttle bus stops and minutes on foot from Twitter offices. This makes it an ideal location for many city-workers to take an hour before or after work as well as lunchtime to visit the studio for a Pilates workout.

Train more efficiently with Redcord SF and Pilates SF

I combine Redcord suspension training backed by over 20 years of medically proven results with Pilates to get you in top shape and live a pain-free life, with quicker more efficient work outs. For any fitness level or health goal, I will help you find a path.

TRX versus Redcord

The difference between Redcord and TRX is that Redcord allows us to work with every restriction of a client. This is also very comparable to the Pilates work.

Redcord allows us to add assisted support with bungees through multi-point suspension so that we can become more isolated on the muscles that we are trying to work with. Redcord facilitates proper body alignment and efficient movement patterns through use of slings and bungee cords that assist the user and make each exercise painless, safe and possible for everyone. Think of this as “Pilates in ropes”. Redcord was born out of research by Norwegian physical therapists and is widely used in Scandinavia, Europe, Asia and Latin America. It is now making waves here in the United States. Redcord effectiveness results are backed by two decades of medical research published by well-reputable publications.

If you've been wanting to challenge your core and work on your posture, you will see that Redcord is a unique, safe and effective suspension based system for anybody regardless of age, ambition, or skill.

Flexible scheduling

If you live a busy lifestyle, then it’s important to have the opportunity to workout at a time that suits you. I offer flexible time slots including early mornings, late nights and weekends. Of course, the most requested early evening appointments are also available on the first come first serve basis. Contact me to find out how you can set on the path of wellness.

Advantages of Redcord SF

Compared to Pilates you will find that your Redcord Active training is tough and feels much more like hard work! In Pilates you become consciously aware of your body and learn to move correctly during your everyday life. However with Redcord Active the whole process is subconscious and happens automatically as part of the workout.

Activation of postural muscles occurs because of the instability of the Redcord equipment. This instability causes shaking or shivering of the intrinsic muscles around the joints being worked if you have reached the limit of your stable work with each exercise. The neuromuscular pathways that control and monitor the intrinsic postural muscles are activated much more than under normal circumstances when the muscles contract and relax very quickly during this shaking.

This activation automatically gives control of the muscles back to the brain and spinal cord so that you can start using these muscles properly in everyday life and in your sporting activities without even knowing how! Such instability is not found in most other workout methods including most suspension training methods and gym workouts, even when done on gym balls or balance boards because the instability has to cause very rapid shaking in order to work. Slower shaking of the muscles requires conscious control instead of subconscious control so it is far less effective.

Redcord SF treats the cause not the symptom

As an industry leader, Redcord continues to pave the path for new ideas and innovative products in functional training and rehabilitation.

Bridging the gap between performance-oriented training and rehabilitation from injury is characteristic of Record’s total and holistic approach.

Redcord looks at the big picture and treats the cause, not the symptom. Redcord is easy to install at home so that pain relief and long term results can be ensured by home training.

The Redcord Active exercises are used today by professional coaches and athletes to increase performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Redcord Active is a flexible training tool and a complete exercise concept for functional strength training, based on performing exercises in the unstable red ropes with your own bodyweight as resistance. Utilizing the Redcord rope and sling training system developed in Norway over 20 years ago, this program emphasizes muscular stability and balance.

Exercises in Redcord are pain free and aim to help anyone who wishes to enhance his/her strength, balance and function. The training has proved to be an efficient way to improve coordination and athletic performance, prevent injury and to treat musculoskeletal disorders.  Redcord can show extraordinary results for elite athletes and patients suffering from both chronic and acute pain, as well as a decrease in sick leave for companies that use Redcord on their premises.