Work out smarter, not harder with Redcord and Pilates SF

Here's a great definition by Katherine Rice at Art of Motion Pilates explaining how Redcord in combination with Pilates allows you to learn how to recruit the proper muscles on the neurological level. The results are immediately felt. Redcord together with Pilates is great for people recovering from injuries, active weekend warriors, and pro athletes alike: no matter what age or fitness level.

"This is why you need to understand true stabilization! I see this over and over: bodies just bracing instead of stabilizing for the load or movement you are asking it to perform. This is why I LOVE REDCORD, you cannot cheat and use the global muscles, it teaches you so clearly because you can immediately feel it. This combined with Pilates puts so many pieces together as my clients are experiencing. Performing plank exercises take on a deeper meaning - they truly feel the recruitment from the deep trunk muscles like the transverse abdominus, shoulder girdle complex, and the myofascial chains. They no longer lock into their necks or sink into their lumbar spine, they feel the total connection and how you are supported front and back and they are surprised how much less effort it feels like - not because it is easier but they understand how stability supports the activity. The plank is the gold standard for exercise because it requires virtually everything to work - then when you add a challenge like the one arm push with the chair you understand even more how the multifidus plays a roll. The instability of the ropes takes this to even a higher level, then when you go back to a stable surface you will be amazed by how much easier the same exercise will feel. We do this all the time - what they thought before was hard they now welcome!"