Redcord Active Suspension exercises use body weight in slings to improve strength, muscular endurance, balance, coordination, and core muscle stability. It is an excellent workout for anybody regardless of age, ambition, or skill.

The difference between Redcord and TRX is that Redcord allows us to work with every restriction of a client. This is also very comparable to the Pilates work. Redcord allows us to off-weight (through multi-point suspension) so that we can become more isolated on the muscles that we are trying to work with. Redcord facilitates proper body alignment and efficient movement patterns through use of slings and bungee cords that off-weight the user and make each exercise painless, safe and possible for everyone.

Pilates work is really the foundation that makes a difference with Redcord. Redcord allows us to enhance what we feel and how we recruit the proper muscles that should be recruited for each exercise.