Initial Assessment - 90 min
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A private session to establish a baseline level of fitness and plan that will address your specific issues, needs and goals. We examine how the body moves as a whole, searching for muscular deficits and abnormal movement that may be contributing to asymmetries, imbalances and compensatory muscle firing patterns. These may be caused by inactivity or injury that can alter your brain's capacity to switch on the right muscles, at the right time, and with the right amount of strength. We then use a series of neuromuscular activation suspension exercises and combined them with Pilates reformer exercises to restore stability, movement control and strength.   


I’d been putting off my pledge to get strong and fit for a long time mostly because as I get older my body seemed more prone to injury. I read about Red Cord and was intrigued; so I set up an assessment.

That first session was transformative. Not only did I realize I could stop the downward slope I’d been on re fitness but I loved Justin. He’s got the perfect touch blending the right amount of encouragement with a fierce belief that you can do more.

...3 months later and my body has changed. I have muscle where I never thought I would and my energy and low back, which always caused me problems with other workouts, are better than ever. I’ve convinced my husband to join me. Tonight we’ll begin duets and I have no doubts he’ll have the same experience as mine!
— Doniece S. | San Francisco, CA

I’ve now been with Justin for about 18 months doing both Redcord and Pilates and I am so much better!

I fought to have a standing desk at work, but my posture and core strength has improved so much that I toy with the idea of giving it to someone else. I used to take ibuprofen regularly for headaches and back pain - so much that it was messing with my stomach, but have not needed to do that in over a year.
— Dale J. | San Francisco, CA

Rebalanced SF is a unique and highly effective TREASURE in this City — which is high praise considering that we live in a haven of health + wellness.

What it is NOT: the latest fad in exercise. What it IS: a great resource to rebuild from an injury or strengthen in ways that truly help performance and longevity.

The key is not only the method — it’s the magic of Justin. He sees both the big picture of what you are trying to accomplish AND is highly detail oriented so that the work you do is focused and builds over time.

These are sessions that really make a lasting impact - the moves are subtle (encouraging mind + body connection) and can range in difficulty depending upon what your goals are. That’s really the key- you are making an investment in you and Justin is too - using the great tools he has in Red Chord. I highly recommend Rebalanced SF if you are serious about getting something done.
— Amy S. | San Francisco, CA

Find out how YOU can be rebalanced.

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