Advantages of Redcord SF

Compared to Pilates you will find that your Redcord Active training is tough and feels much more like hard work! In Pilates you become consciously aware of your body and learn to move correctly during your everyday life. However with Redcord Active the whole process is subconscious and happens automatically as part of the workout.

Activation of postural muscles occurs because of the instability of the Redcord equipment. This instability causes shaking or shivering of the intrinsic muscles around the joints being worked if you have reached the limit of your stable work with each exercise. The neuromuscular pathways that control and monitor the intrinsic postural muscles are activated much more than under normal circumstances when the muscles contract and relax very quickly during this shaking.

This activation automatically gives control of the muscles back to the brain and spinal cord so that you can start using these muscles properly in everyday life and in your sporting activities without even knowing how! Such instability is not found in most other workout methods including most suspension training methods and gym workouts, even when done on gym balls or balance boards because the instability has to cause very rapid shaking in order to work. Slower shaking of the muscles requires conscious control instead of subconscious control so it is far less effective.