Train more efficiently with Redcord SF and Pilates SF

I combine Redcord suspension training backed by over 20 years of medically proven results with Pilates to get you in top shape and live a pain-free life, with quicker more efficient work outs. For any fitness level or health goal, I will help you find a path.

TRX versus Redcord

The difference between Redcord and TRX is that Redcord allows us to work with every restriction of a client. This is also very comparable to the Pilates work.

Redcord allows us to add assisted support with bungees through multi-point suspension so that we can become more isolated on the muscles that we are trying to work with. Redcord facilitates proper body alignment and efficient movement patterns through use of slings and bungee cords that assist the user and make each exercise painless, safe and possible for everyone. Think of this as “Pilates in ropes”. Redcord was born out of research by Norwegian physical therapists and is widely used in Scandinavia, Europe, Asia and Latin America. It is now making waves here in the United States. Redcord effectiveness results are backed by two decades of medical research published by well-reputable publications.

If you've been wanting to challenge your core and work on your posture, you will see that Redcord is a unique, safe and effective suspension based system for anybody regardless of age, ambition, or skill.

Flexible scheduling

If you live a busy lifestyle, then it’s important to have the opportunity to workout at a time that suits you. I offer flexible time slots including early mornings, late nights and weekends. Of course, the most requested early evening appointments are also available on the first come first serve basis. Contact me to find out how you can set on the path of wellness.