Strength Training Just Got More Intense: Reasons to Try Redcord

If you're a TRX fan and you also adore Pilates, the Redcord will be your new best friend.

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Redcord now premiering in San Francisco at rebalanced SF.

How does it differ from TRX?
Instead of two straps being attached to a single anchor, the cords are attached to a pulley system. You can either adjust and stabilize the length of each cord or leave them loose to slide through the pulley. This allows for an even greater range of motion than TRX. Aside from the two handles, you can also attach thicker straps or slings to the cords, allowing you to suspend both legs or your pelvis at once. Unlike the TRX, which was designed by a Navy SEAL for fitness, Redcord was originally designed as a form of physical therapy to help with injuries. Now it is being utilized by athletes and everyday people as well.

If you want to take strength training to a whole new level of intensity or you're dealing with an injury or chronic pain, please contact Justin.