Many advantages of Redcord multiple point suspension system

Redcord has many advantages over other systems. Here are some of the key benefits.

Multiple points of suspension allow you to work directly underneath suspension points. The relationship with gravity is ideal. Redcord has multiple suspension points about 60 centimeters apart. This enables you to reproduce the same axis of rotation as your body. This is clearly an advantage i.e while doing push-ups, while the parallel ropes makes the exercise more natural. The almost unlimited amounts of progressions make Redcord ideal for everybody. By changing your position according to the equipment, adjusting the height and adjusting the lever arm, you can adjust the intensity to suit your needs and avoid injury.


One point of suspension results means you work at an angle and limits what you can do. A Y-shaped sling arrangement means that the slings want to move in or out at an angle rather than parallel to the body.